$3,513 a day with SwissCoin MLM ~ Join the revolution!

SwissCoin is cryptocurrency.

 But the SwissCoin MLM marketing strategy adopted is generating daily earnings for everyone promoting it.

SwissCoin pays daily and their compensation plan is hybrid and phenomenal. No dead legs, no autoship and you start earning direct bonuses even without having paid any activation fee.

That means if you Signup today , you stand the chance of making your first 100 euro in a mater of hours or days. Some folks think Swisscoin is scam.

They said the same things about Bitcoin. While they sit back and say what they think, we are making the money and going ahead.

                                       SWISSCOIN PRODUCTS

SwissCoin sells educational packages on cryptocurrency beginning from €25.

Once you purchase a package, you are rewarded with tokens.

These tokens are then used to mine coins.

To earn MLM bonuses promoting SwissCoin, you’ll have to purchase either the


pack or the


 and above.

 Here are their differences;



 This is €50 package.

You are rewarded with 500 tokens to mine coins.

You qualify for 10% direct bonuses (from direct downlines) and Team bonuses (from everyone else in your network).



This is €250 package and it’s the best place to start with.

You get access to Direct bonuses, Team and Matching bonuses.

There are €500, €1000 and more packages and any of these gives you the same MLM bonus access as well.

With SwissCoin MLM, you earn in 5 different ways;
Direct sale You get 10% commission of accumulated BV (1bv=0.8 euro) in all direct sales of SwissCoin education package. (i.e. if you sell a TRADER-1000 you will get 800BV accumulated, 10% of 800 equals €80 in commission) No limit to how many personal referrals or sales.
Fast start BONUS If you accumulated at least 5000BV over the first 30 days since joining SwissCoin, You will receive an additional 10% in commission.

Team bonus This pays out depending on accumulated team volume, between 2-22% of all team sales down through infinity.

Here are details:

1000bv = 2% on all sales done by team
5000bv = 4% on all sales done by team
10.000bv = 6% on all sales done by team
25.000bv = 8% on all sales done by team
50.000bv = 10% on all sales done by team
100.000bv = 12% on all sales done by team
250.000bv = 14% on all sales done by team
500.000bv = 16% on all sales done by team
1.000.000bv = 18% on all sales done by team
 5.000.000bv = 20% on all sales done by team
10.000.000bv = 22% on all sales done by team

Matching Bonus
Matching bonus is paid out on the commissions of 11 generations of partners, meaning company will match you with a % of whatever everyone on 11 generations make in commission from Swiss coin.

Here are details:

Generation 1: you will receive 5% matching on earned commission

 Generation 2: you will receive 10% matching on earned commission

Generation 3: you will receive 15% matching on earned commission

 Generation 4: you will receive 20% matching on earned commission

 Generation 5: you will receive 15% matching on earned commission

 Generation 6: you will receive 10% matching on earned commission

Generation 7: you will receive 5% matching on earned commission

 Generation 8: you will receive 4% matching on earned commission

Generation 9: you will receive 3% matching on earned commission

 Generation 10: you will receive 2% matching on earned commission

Generation 11: you will receive 1% matching on earned commission

Diamond Bonus pool Depending on your rank from Diamond and above, you will receive 1-7 share of the diamond bonus pool, this is set by 1% of all sales down world wide by anyone, meaning when SwissCoin is a BILLION euro company, this 1% will be over 1 MILLION euro shared among Diamonds and up. $3,513 a day with SwissCoin MLM! In just about 2 months, the SwissCoin community has grown to over 700,000 members. My network has built up to over 1500 miners with about 10 new members a day. Sign up is free. Once you purchase an educational package, I get a commission from the BV. Currently, my network generates over €100 per day. But yesterday’s earnings were quite a huge exception. Take a look at this.

That’s about $3,513 as per current exchange rate. How is this possible? €112 is the normal earnings from daily sales. €1,000 is as a result of EMERALD rank qualification. €2,000 is as a result of DIAMOND rank qualification. As in most MLM plans, there are qualification bonuses. These are different from sales commissions and include cash and items like Laptops, Rolex watches, Trips and Housing funds. Trip to Dubai

One of the success factors behind my SwissCoin journey is my uplines.

As a matter of fact, if your immediate sponsor or one or more of your uplines are supportive, you are soon going to see success.

 My uplines chidozie Davidson and Godwin have been awesome.

 As a matter of fact, CHIDOZIE offered a free trip to the SwissCoin international event at Dubai to the first five diamonds in his team.
 While I almost missed it, I got the fifth position.


One major question I get from promoters is how to cash out earnings.
 It’s absolutely of no use to earn money you can’t make use of.

Here are standard ways to make use of your SwissCoin earnings:

 Withdraw at ATM using Mastercard to be issued to active members starting October 2016 Withdraw to Bank Account in local currency
 Trade online Sell out to other miners.
Buy more educational packages and get rewarded with tokens Currently, two of these methods are active; Sell out to other miners. Buy more educational packages and get rewarded with tokens While most of my earnings have been used to buy more packages, there is a huge demand for euros in the SwissCoin ewallet.

 I will simply transfer euros from my ewallet to that of any promoter who desires it and pays me cash in local currency.

Join the SwissCoin company today here

Are you promoting SwissCoin?

Are you earning bonuses?

Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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