5 simple health hacks for everyday living

It’s hard to keep up with fitness and healthy living in general. To make things easier, while you still achieve your goals, here are five health hacks for everyday living.

Spread out your guilty pleasures:
Too much of everything isn’t good, which means you can indulge in your favorite sweet tooth treats but you just need to do it in moderation. Trying portioning the sweets in little bags, so you force yourself to be moderate about consumption.

Match playlist to your workout:

If you want to have an effective workout, where you are actually focused on the workout, as opposed to being distracted, create a playlist that is as long as your workout, so that as soon as your playlist ends, you know you have come to the end of your workout.

Ditch your phone for good sleep:

Your phone just may be the cause of your bad sleep pattern. Reports show that people who look at their phone screen find it harder falling into deep sleep. Thus, leave your phone till the morning so you can catch some good sleep.

Talk your way to muscles:

If you wish to lift more weights, words of encouragement may be the best way to go. Sometimes you just need that verbal motivation, so get a friend to come along with you to cheer you on.

Eat ahead of the feast:

When you have to head out to a big party or dinner, where the food goes against all that your diet stands for, make sure to have a healthy veggie meal or drink before you get there, so you don’t have to eat as much there.

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