Angel Nancy Story: No Money No Love – “Part 1 Episode 1” (N.M.N.L)

Plot: Ebi, a Poor man’s Child who just got Admitted into the university was having a hard time dealing with money Issue as his father is nothing but just a common farmer.

He almost Drop out of School, but things turned around for Good.
Episode Title: Family Tales

It was a hot afternoon in Ebi’s Room with two of his friends after Lectures.

Ebi: Last Semester was better, imagine I now get to eat once in two days and my fees from last Semester are still holding me behind.

Alex: Calm down the lord will provide.

Solo: Guys I never thought School would be hard has this, back then in Secondary school there was a lot of fun, I can’t see that fun in school any more.

Ebi: to eat is a problem, to buy a text book is a Problem, to balance Handout another problem, the worst one is the School fees.

Hours later Ebi’s friends left for their Hostels.
and he was all alone.
now he remembered he has #1,500 left on his wallet, and he thought what he could do with it.
Finally Remembered some of his Uncles (Mothers Brothers) who can help him out.

Quickly he changed off his clothes and made way to one of them.
on his way a car almost hit him from behind and he was angrily shouting at the car.
the car owner came out, it happen to be a Beautiful lady ( not too Beautiful), her name is Timi.

Ebi: young lady or whatever you call yourself you almost killed me just now.

Timi: am sorry, am really sorry about that.

Ebi: Sorry for yourself, are you blind or Drunk, can’t you see the Road.

Timi: Sorry I was on a call.

Ebi: You better watch were you are going before you kill someone.
( after saying this he turned around and walk away)
Timi: can I give you a lift.
Ebi: No thanks I don’t want you to kill another person.

Ebi finally Arrived at one of his uncles house, with good hope but was disappointed.

Ebi: Good afternoon Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam: Good afternoon, am surprised to see you here, what is it, his your father sick again?

Ebi: (with wiping tears) Uncle is about my school, If I don’t provide them last Semester’s fees plus this Semester’s, by the Resumption of next Semester, I will be dropout.

Uncle Sam: You see I told your father that since he refused and went ahead to marry my sister I will never be part of any of his problems. and were as my sister is already dead, there is nobody to please again, now please get out of my sight.

Ebi: But Uncle.
Uncle Sam: I said get out if my sight.

Ebi continued to other Uncles but all gave him similar answers.
So he made his way back to Campus.

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