Checkout 6 Signs The Lady You Are Dating Right Now Is Your Future Wife

Are you in a relationship and want to know just how far you can go with your woman? These are signs she is meant for you. Marriages go wrong when you marry the wrong person for the wrong reason. Below are the signs you should look out for before you wife her. 1. She is proud of you If she brags about you to her friends, co-workers and families, then there is a high chance she is meant to be your wife. 2. She is cool with your friends Men…


My s*x Adventure with My English Lecturer (18+) Part 1

Story by Chris silver its 6:32am When Dan called meMe: Helo danDan: Baba how tins naw?Me: nrmal as usualDan: We get English lecture this morning ooohMe: sure? Buh i taya oooh.. How e go be na?Dan: just try show up na 2hours lecture 8-10amMe: ok na! Will difinitely show up. Abeg keep small change oo.. So dat we gon cook at ur sideDan: No yawa now!Me: ok naw! Thanks till we meet!Call Ended!Its Our First day in school, Dan has been my childhood Friend.. We were both admitted to study…


Shocking: Popular Ghanaian Actress Jackie Appiah Tests Positive For HIV

Popular Ghollywood actress, Jackie Appiah, who has received several awards and nominations (which include Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2010 African Movie Academy Awards) tested positive for HIV as Vanessa in a movie entitled – STIGMA. The Movie also featured Hilda Dokubo, Emeka Ike, Emeka Duru and Ngozi Nwosu among others, produced and directed by multiple award winning Nigerian filmmaker Dagogo Diminas. STIGMA is set to be released this December. What the hell were you thinking? Lol…


Beautiful Sugar Mummy In South Africa Wants A Handsome Man

I am living in South Africa but I get to travel to so many countries like Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria and I end up spending months there. I love to travel but some places I will really hate to return to for any reason and will definitely not want to be a sugar mummy to any man from there.WHAT SUGAR MUMMY IN SOUTH AFRICA WANTS I need a man who is very handsome. If I am going to be a sugar mummy to any man, he must look good. I…


Shocking: Nollywood Actress Genevieve’s Nakked Pictures Leaked (18+)

More S*x Tape Here This is really shocking to me and i am surprised this could happen one day. Well, one would say this celebrities also are humans and got life and feelings too. When I heard about it, I thought it might be this Photoshop pictures people have been doing and putting online but no.Get A Sugar mummy Phone Number Here know the works of  Photoshop, that’s why I am shocked at the pictures. Well, find out yourself and leave your comments below about what you think of the…