My s*x Adventure with My English Lecturer (18+) Part 1

Story by Chris silver

its 6:32am When Dan called me
Me: Helo dan
Dan: Baba how tins naw?
Me: nrmal as usual
Dan: We get English lecture this morning oooh
Me: sure? Buh i taya oooh.. How e go be na?
Dan: just try show up na 2hours lecture 8-10am
Me: ok na! Will difinitely show up. Abeg keep small change oo.. So dat we gon cook at ur side
Dan: No yawa now!
Me: ok naw! Thanks till we meet!
Call Ended!
Its Our First day in school, Dan has been my childhood Friend.. We were both admitted to study ‘English’. The school is still new to us, i took Dan at his resident with my Porshe Car, Tho i dont have enough cash on me that day.
Me and Dan tour round the school in my Porshe.
It 8:00am already! Me and Dan walked to the lecture room and we fixed up our ass patiently waiting for our English Lecturer.

Ohh she’s Here!
Damn it!!! She’s HOT!
Let me not just bluff that she was damn hot with a babelicious figure Like Kim K.
Getting in she Greeted everyone and we replied her

*Am Mz Jane
Sorry, for the late coming
hope my apology is accepted?
We all said Yes!
But i was still in Exile i couldnt hold it
i tot i was the only one staring at her vacantly hips until i look at my course mate
her hips was heavenly made (in davido’s voice)
Anyway to cut it short, we finished the lecture buh i dont understand all wat she said my mind was *******
After she step out me and Dan hooked up with our course mate
we all chatted
while we were chattn and laughing out loud
i saw a beautiful gyal
u kwn na as per guy!
I walked up to her
on getting to her.. She didnt allow me say anytin
she was like I saw ur erection when u were staring at her
I replied her “hey.. Uh i was just looking at her speechless”.
She then said how can i help u
i told her ohh sorry! Just wana kwn u better.. Uh
l’m Doriz, troublesome gyal
Me: Lol, am Chris Porshe Man
Doriz: porshe?? Meaning?
Me: that d name of my Car!
Doriz: ohh, Good for u

Chris! Chris!! **Dan is calling
Oh Dan we should get goin right
Dan: ye na make we dhey waka na.. I don taya!
Me: No vex
Doriz: Uh so u leaving
Me: No vex just gad to go!
Doriz: Ok!
Me: can i have ur contact
Doriz: ok 080********
Me: oh thanks will call u!
Dan: chris eh meet me outside am tayad
Me: Doriz have a nice day
Doriz: U too!!

So we left!


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  1. Love it and she foe show will make you do it right.

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